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The Inivisible Yao Gaui

2012-12-26 07:00:31 by Mismo

Fallout 3 is easily on of my favorite games, it is probably on of the best games made to date by my account (although if it is the best Fallout game is debatable). But of course since it is made by bethesda there is no denying that there will be some bugs. Some of them are hilarious, some are annoying and some of them can make you believe Satan exists.

Today while playing the game I came across a bug that be accounted as both annoying and scary. I was traveling north to find the oasis and do the quest there, then suddenly two Yao Gaui appears. First I thought this was a kick in the balls since just moments earlier I had ran into two Giant Radscorpions, clearly the game hates me. So I first pick of one of the Yao Gauis easily with a couple of head shots, and then I turned my attention towards to other one... But it had vanished.

Then out of nowhere I'm attacked so I though "Aha you sneaky fuck" and I turn around to face nothing but the endless waste. Then I was attacked again and yet again I could not find the attacker, and again I got attacked. Now I had conformation that the game hates me, because through some weird bug the Yao Guai had made invisible and also unable to be killed.

But then it stopped attacking, and I thought that maybe it had disappeared for good. So I proceed to head north when after awhile he attacked again! He refused to kill me the first time just so he could screw with me.... WHAT THE FUCK!


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