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Literal graveyard shift

2013-05-08 05:57:33 by Mismo

I got an internship at a graveyard, so I'll be working without payment (except the insurance money) for coming 5-6 weeks. The working hours will be 7am-16pm so what I guess I'm saying is that starting this upcoming Monday I will probably be less active than I'm usually am. If this effects anyone I would be surprised, since I'm under the impression that none really knows how I am.

But enough about mundane news about me and my life. Here's me attempting to be funny.

Literal graveyard shift


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2013-05-08 07:26:05

why would you want to work at a graveyard?

Mismo responds:

I need work experiencing, don't matter in what field. This way I can say I'm used to manual labor. Also it is not that bad of work really.


2013-05-09 08:50:26

I know who you are! Graveyards are pretty peaceful places btw, I wouldn't mind working in one, moving the grass, etc, doesn't sound that bad.... unless you need to take care of coffins and dead people and stuff.

Mismo responds:

I won't be doing any grave digging no. But yeah working in cemetery doesn't sound that when you think about it.