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Entry #116

In case you didn't know

2013-05-25 13:10:34 by Mismo

I really like pokemon. It's like my entire childhood. Well a big part of my childhood at least. There still the 80's TMNT (even though I'm born in the 90's), Darkwing Duck, Star Wars, Yu-Gi-Oh, Sailor Moon (yeah so what!), Lord of the rings (even before the Peter Jackson movies), Samurai Jack, Power Puff girls, Dexter Laboratory, Rockos moderns life, Avatar the last airbender and... What was I talking about? Oh yes Pokemon... Yeah Pokemon is awesome.

Check out Nico Vega's stuff. I admit I first noticed them through those Bioshock Infinite commercials, but by god are they a goddamn awesome band!

In case you didn't know


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2013-05-25 13:37:25

Mismo used Nostalgia! It is very effective!
* Asandir faints *
* Darkwing Duck theme song starts playing *

Mismo responds:

Lets get dangerous ;)


2013-05-29 02:48:51

Aha, I was listening to music at Youtube and saw that video on suggested videos list.
Well, it was a nice song...

Mismo responds:

It really is...


2013-05-29 15:15:52

Also, I'm trying to prove to a friend that there is at least one pokemon which evolves into something smaller or at least into something that is not bigger than the pokemon itself. Any ideas?

(Updated ) Mismo responds:

I'm not entirely sure, but I think that Crobat is a little bit smaller than Golbat.

Edit: Hoppi's evolution tree seems rather unchanged in size.