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2014-05-02 07:28:32 by Mismo

Recently bought Metal Gear Rising: Revengence and I don't know why but I fucking suck at this game, and I've (sort of) played Dark Souls. Bosses take for ever to figure how to beat them and and the parry system is fuckin shiet (IMO). The blade mode is cool sure but fucking me is it hard to execute properly when you have make precesion cuts.

Right now I'm stuck on the Sundowner boss battle and he fuckin rapes me all the time. Sometimes I think I've got him but then I fuck up in one way or another. Moslty I when I try to make horistional cuts on his explosive, because I don't know why but when I try to line up a perfect swipe Raiden fucking go at it before I have lined it up properly so I hit the wrong fucking part and die!

And I don't even want to talk about his fucking bumrush shieldbash attack.




EDIT: Beat his ass. Now Jetstream Sam is trolling my ass. Although I initally found him to be easier because doesn't use some stupid gimmick and is all about skilled you are... Until I knocked his sword out of his hands, then the raping began. I did however at least manage to get of that stage of the battle and make him pick up his sword again, but somehow I started to suck way worse and all my parries failed. So he killed me and I thought "okay at least I won't start over from the start of the battle. I mean I've completed at least two stages of the fight". HAH! Fuck that said MGR:R and put right at the start of the fight... I to tired right now and to sore in my throat to keep on getting bum raped. Maybe later I finally will git gud.

EDIT 2: Sam's dead. Finally gotten this parry thing down. Don't know how I can have gone thorugh so much of the game without relying on the parry. Of course I'm stuck at the finally boss right now. The final stage I believe. The spider metal gear boss battle was actually rather easy once you realise can pretty much parry anything. Also there's a golden rule when it comes to modern gaming. If a boss is enormous they're also probably pretty easy to beat. Long winds ups and easy to spot telegrafs when they're about to attack.

Then Armstrong got out of the MG thing and reveal that he has the extrodinary powers of nanomachines... What!? Fuckin cheatz haxor noob punk bitch!

Anyway although his attacks are powerful and somewhat fast most are blockable and easy to avoid if you're not a total idiot... Like me... 

The part where I have the most problem is when you're supposed to precision cut a huge tank or something Armstrong throws at you at one point in the fight, and if you don't get it right it's insant death for boy. Also you have cut it threes times in a row, with little time the line up the cut, and as I've mentioned I'm not really good at precsion cutting.


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2014-05-02 07:30:20

Welcome to Dark Souls D:

Mismo responds:

But... I was talking about Metal Gear Rising. Although Dark Souls is also and in many ways a lot harder, I never felt cheated by the difficulty in DS.


2014-05-02 09:06:52

IMMM MADDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mismo responds:



2014-05-02 11:55:08


Mismo responds:



2014-05-02 16:56:32

That's weird, I don't remember having too much trouble fighting Sundowner. If I remember correctly, he was pretty tough. Did you get to the part where he combines his 2 blades?

Mismo responds:

No. I think I mentioned that I always fuck up on the horizontal cuts you'll eventually have to make on his explosive shield plates. Got 2 out of 3 off at most but then I always fucks up or get killed by his bum-rush or a helicopter missile I didn't see coming.

Also I got into the fight very ill prepared. With repairing nanopaste and only one electrolytes thingy and some secondary weaponry that is more or less irrelevant.

Like I know what I must do to beat his ass, but I always fuck in someway.